Viper RTG .22 Silver

Viper RTG .22 Silver

  • Silver .22 Evanix Viper
  • Hawke Vantage red dot
  • .22 18.13gr pellets
  • Evanix Moderator
  • Evanix Viper Stock

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Viper RTG .22 Silver package comes with all the parts that you would want on your Evanix Viper. You will get a .22 Silver Viper with a red dot, ammo, Evanix moderator and stock. This has a all day fun plinkster written all over it. These pistols are a blast to take out in the back yard and just do some plinking. With the new valve you are getting a little more power and a full three mags of shots before you need to air back up.  This is also a great choice if you want to just practice your pistol shooting but don’t want to use your powder burner.


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