Pre Order: Karma Red Panda 30 Caliber

  Features include:
• Supergrade Chromoly Bull Barrel.
Weighing roughly 7 pounds – the use of chromoly as the barrel material
increases hardness and corrosion resistance with the added benefit of
resistance to temperature fluctuations.
• Externally Adjustable Shooting Regulator.
The oversized piston and housing provide quick plenum refresh rates
and stable plenum pressure.
• Externally Adjustable Hammer Spring.
Designed for fine adjustment over a large adjustment range, you will be
able to fine tune the airgun to suit your shooting needs and
• Multi-Caliber, Multi-Projectile.
Available in .177, .22, .25, .30 and .35 calibers and with parts available
so end users can swap between pellet and slug barrels and make
caliber changes as their shooting needs change.
• Ample Air Supply
With 600cc of on-board air storage, 310 Bar fill capacity and 250cc of
plenum space the Red Panda is built to deliver high power for multiple
magazines without a refill.
• User Adjustable Features.
The Red Panda comes with an adjustable shoulder pad, cheek riser and
a fully adjustable match grade trigger.
• Ready for Long Range Precision Shooting.
Weighing in at almost 17 pounds, and with an integrated 30 MOA
Picatinny scope rail, the Red Panda is ready to “send-it” from a position of rock-solid stability.

The threads on the barrel are M18x1. In .30 cal we like the .25/30 Ronin or a threaded 30 cal Yokozuna.

The bag rider is an accessory part, not included with the Bench version. It is included on the PRS version of the Red Panda.

The Red Panda was developed with the input of Thayne Simmons from
Saber Tactical and refined during the 2023 benchrest season where

Thayne won an unprecedented three First Place trophies. This high-
performance, competition-proven air rifle is ready to win your next

benchrest match! Are you ready?

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Don’t miss your chance to be among the first to own the PCP which took the triple crown last year in 100 yard benchrest and pre-order today.

Some recent updates:

Official release date 5/2

The Karma Airguns Red Panda was designed from the ground up to be a
competition-ready, 100 yard benchrest air rifle. Built with the features top
competition shooters look for, the out of the box experience rivals anything
the industry can throw at it.


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