A little bit about Airgun Pro Shop

Here, at Airgun Pro Shop, we strive to set up a customer experience unlike any other. Run by a team of airgun enthusiasts, we understand the various needs of airgunners and want to help you find the airgun providing the best value for your hard-earned dollar.

While Airgun Pro Shop began in 2013, effective mid-2022 we are excited to announce new ownership along with a new location in Bellevue, Ohio. Airgun Pro Shop will feature a retail store and shooting range allowing customers to try out airguns and accessories before they purchase. Feel free to stop by during our business hours or contact us to schedule an appointment. Wondering where Rick went? Well the answer is, not far! We are going to pursue our dream of owning an airgun retail store, while Rick focuses on other opportunities within the airgun industry. Yes, we like him too! So keep watching for some of your favorite airgun reviews from Rick, with new ones down the road.

Our small staff is available to talk or email, we are happy to hear from you and want to help create the absolute best airgunning experience for you. At Airgun Pro Shop, you can speak directly with a team prepared to answer your specific questions.

Airgun Pro Shop’s new website offers a variety of hand selected products and accessories for airgunners at every level. Products are categorized based on your airgunning skill level: good, better, and best. Hunting airguns are further organized by game: small, medium, and large. Our RTG (ready to go) airgun packages have everything you need to get in the field based on your shooting discipline. Along with airgun expertise, we offer the option to purchase additional services for airgunning including tuning and repairs.

We hope you will consider Airgun Pro Shop for your next airgun purchase, and we invite you out to our storefront. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Tyler and Heidi Alt, Owners
Airgun Pro Shop


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As someone who moved to the guns-infested Texas from a relatively gun-free state of Illinois, I was shocked at first. But at the end of the day I knew that in order to protect my life in this local area I will need a rifle!
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As someone who moved to the guns-infested Texas from a relatively gun-free state of Illinois, I was shocked at first. But at the end of the day I knew that in order to protect my life in this local area I will need a rifle!
-Walter Hayes