Wood Stock Avenger RTG

Wood Stock Avenger RTG

  • Pre-Charged Pneumatic
  • Sidelever Cocking
  • Synthetic Stock
  • Externally Adjustable Regulator (Up to 3000PSI / 206BAR)
  • Easily accessible Hammer Spring Adjustment Screw
  • Two-Stage Adjustable Trigger
  • Max Fill Pressure: 4,350 PSI (300 BAR)
  • Fully Shrouded Barrel
  • Picatinny Rail on Fore-end of stock
  • Dual Gauges – Reg Pressure (RH Side) and Fill Pressure (LH Side)
  • Male Quick Disconnect Fill Fitting
  • Easy Access Degassing Screw
  • Manual Safety
  • 11mm dovetail/weaver combination scope rail
  • Magazine Capacity: 10 rds. .22, 10 rds. (.22)
  • Includes two magazines and single shot tray
  • Available in .22 Caliber
  • Hawke Vantage 4-12 second focal plane scope
  • Vevor 4500PSI three stage hand pump

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Air Venturi Wood Stock Avenger 22 RTG PCP package – Is a fantastic entry level airgun! The Air Venturi Avenger features high end features with an entry level price. With an externally adjustable regulator and hammer spring, the Air Venturi Avenger provides a vast amount of performance adjustability for this price point. Filling a void in the market for a lightweight, highly adjustable and extremely capable rifle without spending an arm and a leg. We have now added the Vevor hand pump and the Hawke Vantage 4-12 scope with rings and ammo so you can get in the field on day one to shoot  this amazing airgun. The Vevor hand pump is a three stage 4500PSI pump that has a small filter built in to the fill whip and a gauge to help you get the avenger filled precisely.

Weighing in at just 6 lbs without a scope, the Air Venturi Avenger Wood Stock is maneuverable for a walk in the woods and thanks to two well positioned mounting points for swivel studs, can be carried with ease! Mounting a scope to the rifle is easy thanks to a unique 11mm dovetail/weaver combo rail, meaning most mounts will fit. You’ll also find a picatinny rail section on the fore-end of the stock for mounting accessories like bipods, lights and lasers.

The heart of the Air Venturi Avenger Wood Stock can be found in the externally adjustable regulator. Working in tandem with the adjustable hammer spring, the user can fine tune the performance of their rifle to best suit their needs. Never before has this kind of tuning potential been available at such a budget friendly price! The regulator can be adjusted as high as 3000 PSI, and you can track your adjustments via the reg pressure gauge on the right hand side of the action. Increasing the reg pressure can be done at any time, though decreasing the pressure requires the gun to be degassed first. This is easily done thanks to an easy access degassing screw found just behind the reg adjustment.

Beyond the adjustments, the Avenger features a smooth sidelever action that seamlessly cycles the auto indexing magazines. And it comes with two magazines so you can always have more rounds ready to go! The trigger is two stage and adjustable to your liking. Filling the rifle is also a breeze, thanks to the male quick disconnect fitting on the end of the air cylinder. This is covered by a threaded dust cap, which not only keeps dust and debris out of your fittings but also gives the rifle a unique appearance.

So long are the days of having to spend top dollar to get a PCP rifle that you can easily adjust and tune as you please. Whether you’re a tuner, modder, or you’re just looking for a budget-friendly PCP to do some shooting with, check out the Air Venturi Avenger!


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