Umarex AirSaber Arrrows – 6 pk

Umarex AirSaber Arrrows – 6 pk

  • Designed for use with Umarex AirSaber
  • Carbon Fiber
  • 276gr Arrow Shaft
  • 100gr Field Tip
  • Arrow Length: 22.63″ w/ Field Tip
  • Straight Flight Technology
  • Accepts Broadheads
  • 6 Pack

Please note: These arrows are intended for airgun use only. These arrows will not work in a crossbow.

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The Umarex AirSaber Arrrows are a replacement for your arrows as they are wearing out from all the target shooting and hunts that you have been participating in with your Umarex AirSaber. Whether you shot one arrow into the back of another or a big game animal broke your arrow as it ran off we have you covered with the replacements that you need.


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