SWAirguns FD-27L 20ga Tactical Air Shotgun

Key Features of the SWAirguns FD-27L 20ga Tactical Air Shotgun:

  • 20 Gauge
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • 700 to 750 FPS with Ballistic Products 400 Grain 20ga Slugs – up to 490 FPE!(2 Shots)
  • Extremely easy to service
  • 3 to 4 shots depending on ammo / shot load
  • Uses standard AR15 Style Grips


  • SWAirguns FD-27L 20ga Tactical Air Shotgun with UPGRADED Stock
  • 2 Shot SW Shuttle Magazine
  • 27″ Barrel
  • Modified Choke
  • End Cap for stock threads
  • Basic Starter Pack – shot measuring cup, 25 loads of shot with wads, 10 DGS Slugs, clip-on fiber-optic sight, loading rod



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SWAirguns FD-27T 20ga Air Shotgun – Pistol Grip – Multi-shot Big Bore – SWAirguns are engineered, manufactured, assembled, tested, and supported right here in the USA. Built in Texas, milled in a boutique machine shop where quality comes before quantity. Each gun is hand-assembled and tested before it comes to us. Then we test it again to make sure that everything is right.

Please note that some of the hardware on the gun, like the barrel band or cocking hammer, may change from item to item. If there’s a particular choice you have, please document it in your order notes and we’ll contact you to see if we can make it happen. Otherwise, you may get silver or black accent parts varying from gun to gun.


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