Evanix Viper Pistol 25 Caliber Black

Product Description

    • Fills to 250BAR
    • 18 shots per fill
    • Works from 250BAR down to 70BAR
    • Semi Auto
    • In .25 with 33.95 gr pellets you get a max of 24 FPE
    • Threading 1/2 x 20 UNF
    • Picatinny rail
    • Iron sights

Evanix Viper .25 Cal Stats
Shot count: 18
Low: 503
Hi: 567
Spread: 64.0 FPS

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Evanix Viper Pistol 25 Caliber Black

Looking as sharp as a viper’s snakebite, the new Evanix Viper semi-automatic air pistol is turning heads in the airgun community.

It features a light, crisp trigger and two 6 round mags. Along with its eye-catching look, it has a similar weight and feel to a traditional firearm. It includes a wooden pistol grip, threading for moderators and iron sights. Has all new valve for more power!

This item is selling fast and we are allowing backorders, expected shipping in mid-May.

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Shot count: 18
Low: 503
Hi: 567

Spread of :64 FPS

.25 Caliber Stats are as follows with 33.95gr pellets:
– Max 21 FPE, Average  24 FPE
– 18 shots per fill

Additional Purchase Options:
– Single Mag Evanix Viper Single 25 Caliber Magazine
– Dual Mag Evanix Viper Dual 25 Caliber Magazine

What is it useful for?

– small game hunting (15-20 yards)
– backyard plinking
– bragging rights with your buddies (because it looks and shoots fantastic)
– training for using a traditional firearm


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