Daystate Wolverine R Forester High Power Regulated Side Lever Laminate .177

Daystate Wolverine R Forester High Power Regulated Side Lever Laminate .177

  • .177 Caliber
  • 480cc Carbon fiber bottles
  • 11mm Scope rail
  • 13 Shot Magazine
  • 5 Year Warranty

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The Daystate Wolverine R Forrester side lever represents a new direction by Daystate to give the USA shooters features and models we require . Daystate has engineered the side lever system into the new Wolverine 2 breech block. This side lever reduces the cocking effort and adds speed to the loading cycle. The lever can be positioned on the right or left hand side to make a true ambidextrous rifle. Daystate has listened to the demands of the shooter to incorporate a regulated firing system . The design team at Daystate has chosen to work in partnership with the HUMA company and use a OEM regulator for the Wolverine application. Huma is well known as one of the finest regulators for sporting and target air rifles. When firing the Wolverine Huma the pressure in the plenum chamber is a constant throughout the rifles air supply until the pressure in the rifles  is at or below the regulator pressure setting. This setting is adjustable by the shooter to tune the rifle to a desired performance level. The factory settings give a combination of maximum power and consistent shots per fill of the rifle. The regulator and air supply pressure is displayed by individual gauges. The patented sling shot hammer makes sure every last bit of air is used efficiently with no waste for maximum accuracy. The Daystate Wolverine 2 Forester cmese with a beautiful forest green laminate stock. Both stock choices are ambidextrous with a thumb up or through feature with finger groves and shooter inspired stippling panels. The butt pad is adjustable to provide the best head position according to the shooters style of shooting and physical requirements. The HP version comes fitted with a special Lothar walther Polygonal rifled barrel to better stabilize the pellets at the higher velocities and the HP rifle produces and delivers superior long range accuracy. The new Wolverine 2 Huma will inspire pride of ownership and years of shooting satisfaction all backed by a 5 year transferable warranty.


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