Daystate Delta Wolf Bronze Air Rifle .22 – 23″ Barrel

Daystate Delta Wolf Bronze Air Rifle .22-23inch Barrel

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Up to 60 ftlbs of energy
  • 480cc carbon fiber tank
  • Overall Length is 33inches
  • Barrel length is 23 inches
  • .22 Caliber

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“Revolutionary” “Visionary” “Spectacular”…all accurately describe the gun industries most advanced rifle, the Daystate Delta Wolf.

The Daystate Delta Wolf is born from years of research and development by many of the finest minds in airgun and electrical engineering fields. The resulting rifle born from this marriage of superior design and sophisticated manufacturing provides the fortunate owner with finger-tip control of any desired performance level, of any caliber choice. The Delta Wolf’s touch screen provides immediate access to desired velocity in two different modes of tuning.

The “Factory Mode” provides for selection of caliber, barrel length, pellet weight and desired velocity in quick and easy seconds from the touch screen on the butt of the rifle. The velocity is monitored by the internal chronograph housed by the large diameter carbon fiber shroud. This system sends a signal to the firing valve to open the exact amount and provide the shooters selected velocity. This system give massive shots per fill off the bottle by utilizing more air in the tank than a standard regulated rifle can use. The Huma regulator works with the computer to give match-winning velocity consistency and speed display information over the life of the air charge. The 250 bar 480cc Carbon Fiber bottle provides more than enough shots for a days worth of shooting in the field.

The method of control is called “Advanced Mode” on the touch screen. This mode puts the shooter in complete control of the hammer, valve system and HUMA regulator. Many different tunes can be saved and marked by the shooter as desired. The advanced setting changes the chronograph into a readout only function. The Delta Wolf in advanced mode gives even tighter shot to shot consistency for long range accuracy. The magic of the Delta Wolf is that imagination and desire are the only limits to the  possibilities of how the air rifle can be configured.

Accuracy is assured with the special Daystate A.R.T. or Accuracy Research Team inspired 23 and 17 inch German made barrels. Twist rate, breech lead in, choke, and internal profiles have been developed and rigorously tested to give match winning results in each of the four calibers. Every Delta Wolf can change calibers in seconds with optional barrels and magazines available.


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