Daystate Alpha Wolf .22 Bronze Safari 23in Barrel

Daystate Alpha Wolf .22 Bronze Safari 23in Barrel

  • .22 Caliber
  • 11 Shot Magazine
  • 480cc Carbon Fiber Tank
  • up to 71ftlbs of energy
  • 5 year warranty
  • length 33.1″

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Daystate announces its latest Alpha Wolf – the Safari Edition. Extending the appeal of the world’s most advanced PCP air rifle to serious hunters and extreme range target shooters alike, the new Safari sports a high-grip, practical and ambidextrous textured wood stock, matched to a very classy bronze-anodized monocoque frame for maximum rigidity.

Of course, the Safari Edition model still boasts Alpha Wolf’s vast array of ground breaking, high-tech features, including: a computerized and programable operating system; AVT (Advanced Velocity Technology) touchscreen display that allows users to fine-tune and customize their rifle; fast-swap interchangeable A.R.T barrel system to suit caliber and pellet/slug type; digitally-controlled HUMA-Air regulator; and an onboard chronoscope that monitors velocity throughout the rifle’s air charge. Thanks to its modular design, components like cheek rest and butt pad are fully customizable and compatible with aftermarket alternatives.

Internally, the latest Alpha fast-flow valve has been married to new software profiles, resulting in even greater shot-to-shot consistency and significant increases in the maximum powers available across all FAC models.


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