Air Venturi Avenge-X Bullpup, Wood Stock Bottle Version .177

Air Venturi Avenge-X Bullpup PCP Air Rifle, Wood Stock

  • Precharged pneumatic
  • Reversible sidelever cocking
  • Wood stock
  • Interchangeable calibers: .177, .22, .25 (caliber change kits sold separately)
  • Externally-adjustable, stainless steel regulator (up to 3,000 PSI)
  • Easily-accessible hammer spring adjustment screw
  • Externally-adjustable transfer port (Two Position)
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • 210cc air tube or 400cc carbon fiber bottle
  • Shots per fill (tube)*: 110 (.177), 80 (.22), 55 (.25)
  • Shots per fill (bottle)**: 210 (.177), 180 (.22), 110 (.25)
  • Max. fill pressure: 4,351 PSI (300 BAR)
  • Max. velocity: 1160 FPS (8.1gr), 1100 FPS (14.6gr), 980 FPS (25.4gr)
  • Max. power***: 29 FPE (.177), 49 FPE (.22), 60 FPE (.25)
  • Fully shrouded barrel with 1/2×20 threaded muzzle and knurled cap
  • Integral baffle stack that also centers the barrel
  • Dual gauges — reg. pressure (LH Side) and fill pressure (RH Side)
  • Male quick-disconnect fill fitting
  • Easy access degassing screw
  • Manual safety
  • Long Weaver/Picatinny optics rail
  • Checkered grip and forearm
  • Ventilated rubber buttpad
  • Adjustable cheekpiece
  • Barrel length: 22.8″
  • Overall length: 33″ (tube version), 37.5″ (bottle version)
  • Weight: 7.95 lbs. (tube version), 7.8 lbs. (bottle version)
  • High Capacity Magazine: 20 rds. (.177), 16 rds. (.22), 13 rds. (.25)
  • Standard Capacity Magazine: 10 rds. (.177 & .22), 8 rds. (.25)
  • Includes two magazines (standard and high-capacity), single-shot tray, 5 Allen wrenches

* – 10.3gr @ 930 FPS (.177), 18.13gr @ 910 FPS (.22), 25.4gr @ 895 FPS (.25)
** – 10.3gr @ 900 FPS (.177), 18.13gr @ 880 FPS (.22), 25.4gr @ 880 FPS (.25)
*** – 13.4gr @ 990 FPS (.177), 25.4gr @ 935 FPS (.22), 34gr @ 890 FPS (.25)

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The Air Venturi Avenge-X Bullpup PCP Air Rifle with wood stock is a sophisticated modular system that offers superior performance at a competitive price. The fact that the platform is modular enables shooters to purchase kits and accessories that extend the abilities of the airgun past the already-impressive flexibility of its adjustable features.

With this system, shooters get a capable air rifle and can buy caliber change kits, different stocks and even switch between a carbon fiber bottle or air tube configuration. Each caliber change kit works with every version of the system, and the stocks are compatible with air reservoirs of the same type, which results in multiple varieties for many needs.

This air rifle includes many of the adjustable features shooters prefer from past models, such as the adjustable hammer spring and an adjustable two-stage trigger that yields a sharp and predictable break. It also features an externally-adjustable stainless steel regulator and an externally-adjustable two-position transfer port.

The Air Venturi Avenge-X Bullpup showcases a beautiful wood stock with a ventilated rubber buttpad and checkering on the grip and forearm for a solid hold, as well as an adjustable cheekpiece. The tube version is shorter than the bottle version, with a different configuration for the cheekpiece, and both come with a threaded dust cover and male quick disconnect fill fitting.

The Weaver/Picatinny optics rail is extended on this version of the platform and can accommodate longer scopes and optics, and the rail on the tube version is higher than the rail on the bottle version, with a higher cheekpiece to match. The air rifle has a reversible sidelever for ambidextrous operation, a high shot count, a high-capacity magazine in addition to a standard capacity magazine, and a single-shot tray.


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